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Engage with learners and future employees

It is proven that young people and adults seeking to establish a successful and sustainable careers experience much higher levels of success when they have a number of contacts with employers in the industry that they wish to explore.

Many progressive employers are developing sustainable talent pipelines by investing time in engagement with possible future employees. The seeds of activity sown early reap the best rewards and save thousands in recruitment fees and training later on. A planned proactive approach can yield far better results than ad hoc, reactive recruitment and training.

All of the WTPN members look for engagment with employers in a number of formats that can take little effort once planned properly with an education and training partner. If you wish to engage with your future talent pipeline and work with the Post 16 Education and training sector please make contact here

​​Here is a list of ways you could get engaged with learners:

Workplace based:

  •  Shadowing

  •  Open Doors/Workplace visit

  •  Tour/Careers Talk

  •  Tour/Technical Talk

  •  Taster Day


  •  Work placement:

  •  1-4 weeks

  •  extended

  •  Entry level Role

  •  Traineeship

  •  Paid Internship

  •  Apprenticeship

Education based:

  •  Guest lecture

  •  Careers Talk

  •  Show & Share (technical)

  •  Set a project/brief

  •  Careers Fairs

  •  Lunchtime Learning


  •  Webinar/Video

  •  Conferences/Events

  •  Networking

  •  Mentoring/Buddy

  •  Company Panel

  •  Sponsorship

  •  Other

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