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The Western Training Provider Network is the foremost training and post 16 education network in the West of England.  We have over 30 members and deliver most of post 16 education (apart from 6th forms) in the West of England including over 60% of all Apprenticeships in the region.

Our members regularly:

  • Attend careers events, take part in mock interviews, deliver presentations for learners on topics like apprenticeships, etc.

  • Engage students that leave post 16 education and become NEET

  • Interact with and have a huge amount of local employer relationships, this includes many SME's (which make up the majority of employers in the region). If your learners/customers want to reach SME's for employment opportunities then many dont advertsie directly but use our organisations as intermediaries

  • Work together with each other and regional bodies to improve education, training and opportunites for local West of England residents

  • Put on their own careers events which you can attend (the successful 'Meet the Provider' annual event with Bristol City Council is one of these such events

If you contact us below, we can respond on a variety of levels, such as

  • Further up to date information on our provision (which continuously evolves) and industry knowledge or help

  • Learners dropping out of education provision without support to move onto or learners graduating from provision that havent secured a next step yet

  • Requests for engagement with your organisations and learners/customers, careers fairs etc

  • Information about joining the WTPN



Check out all of our latest events, seminars, workshops and book your courses here online.

Courses & Apprenticeships by Sector

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