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Do you have a skills, productivity, recruitment or training need?


The WTPN & its members can support all employers with skills solutions to match their needs


  • Advice, support and delivery Apprenticeships at all levels, whatever your business may need

  • Provide you with excellent new candidates from accross the region, at all levels, new career starters and those looking to switch or re-start careers

  • Help you to design and deliver courses and job specific training programmes to improve existing staff skill sets (tailored to suit your needs)

  • Design and deliver pre-employability programmes to develop future staff at your organisations (including Kickstart, traineeships, internships and work experience programmes)

  • Tailored programmes to help you access and develop unemployed candidates seeking work (Kickstart, traineeships, sector based skills academies)

  • Enable you to get involved with future post 16 and University course design

  • Help you to engage with post 16 learning organisations and their students; providing you with access to talented people whilst they are still in learning, through work experience, lectures and talks, careers fairs etc.

  • Advise you on models of development and training, recruitment (low or no cost), employment contracts, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, mentoring models etc.


Members of the Network deliver education and training in over 50 vocational areas.

The WTPN has also secured EU and West of England Combined Authority funding to run a 3 year regional Apprenticeship support service for Small and Medium sized Businesses and an Apprenticeship levy Transfer Service - WEAS


The West of England Apprenticeship Service -   we offer:

  • A free Apprenticeship diagnostic service  

  • Managed handovers to trusted Apprenticeship providers that deliver Apprenticeships at intermediate, advanced, higher and degree levels to enable the recruitment of new talent and on-going skills development for existing staff.


  • Assist you with queries and solutions based around the new apprenticeship levy and associated reforms, including Grants available for employers to hire apprentices

  • Advise you on models of development and training, recruitment (low or no cost), employment contracts, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, mentoring models etc.


If you want to find out more about how the WTPN or its members could help you, please contact us here

We take your data very seriously and are committed to the privacy and security of it. Our privacy notice is here

Where you provide personal data to us, it is essential that you have the right to give us that personal data, and to allow us to use it as anticipated by the arrangements between us.  This includes where the personal data that you are providing relates to people other than yourself.  We will rely on you to make sure that you do have those rights.  Both we and you will comply with our obligations under all relevant laws and rules on data protection and privacy.


West of England Apprenticeship Servce
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