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Retain Your Kickstart Through an Apprenticeship

Is an apprenticeship the next step for your Kickstart?

Have you taken on an employee as part of the government’s Kickstart Scheme? If so, you might be wondering what the options are for your kickstart once they finish their 6-month placement. An apprenticeship offers a great progression route from the scheme, helping businesses to retain and develop their Kickstart employee.

What do apprenticeships involve?

An apprentice is employed to do a real job within your business, whilst studying for a nationally recognised qualification. Apprentices engage in formal training programmes, which give the employee an opportunity to learn on the job and receive training, whilst earning a salary. As part of their apprenticeship they will gain relevant skills and knowledge for your business. There are over 750 apprenticeships now available, across sectors and for different levels of experience.

A government approved training provider will work closely with your business to deliver the apprentice’s training and support you and your apprentice throughout the process.

How would my business benefit?

Specific job role – Unlike the Kickstart scheme an apprentice could fill an existing job role in your business, helping you to address your skills gaps. Your training provider will work with you to tailor the apprenticeship to the job role, making it relevant to the needs of your business.

Formal qualifications and training – Your Kickstart has been with you for 6 months and knows the basics of your business and how the team operates. An apprenticeship can give them formal training and qualifications for the role that they are progressing into.

Funding support – The government is currently offering a £3k incentive to any employer with a Kickstart employee who starts an apprenticeship before January 31st 2022.. For small businesses (with a payroll of less than £3 million) the government will also cover between 95% and 100% of the cost of the apprentice’s training. You may also be eligible to receive further funding support through our Share to Support apprenticeship levy transfer scheme. 

Get in touch with our team to learn more and discuss your options: 

What is the difference between the Kickstart and Apprenticeship scheme?

  • An apprenticeship offers a long-term solution. Most apprentices stay on with their employer once they finish their apprenticeship. Businesses are using apprenticeships to recruit, retain and upskill their teams.

  • Your apprentice must be employed in a real job for a minimum of 30 hours/week, for the duration of their apprenticeship.

  • Anyone aged 16+ can do an apprenticeship. There are different levels available to reflect people’s previous experience and job roles.

  • You will receive support for your apprentice’s training from your training provider. All training providers are approved by the government and regulated by Ofsted. 

  • Whilst the government offer a range of funding support, your business will need to pay your apprentice’s wages.

I'm interested to learn more, what do I need to do next?

We are here to help! Our team run the West of England Apprenticeship Service; a free, independent and impartial apprenticeship support and guidance service for small business across the region. If you are a small business (under 250 employees) and are interested in understanding the apprenticeship options for your Kickstart get in touch to speak to one of our Apprenticeship Managers:

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