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Network activity: · WECA – Members were represented on 4 groups last week looking at regional recovery and skills, they were: 1. Digital Inclusion 2. Apprenticeships (I chaired the group) 3. Training & Re-training 4. Unemployment – notes and recommendations will be passed back to the Skills Advisory Panel and then up to the LEP board and WECA recovery group for action as part of a coherent plan. You will be informed what this will look like when plans are developed further. · As mentioned in the network meeting, along with the existing groups you are represented on, I’ve been asked to join the WECA careers hub stakeholder group, BCC Post 16 strategic group, B&NES Apprenticeship group, NEET g

Some new resources just out:

Here's one for students - Middlesex University have developed an interactive 'discover me' tool that provides young people with suggestions of careers that may suit their personality and personal attributes. Twinned with a 'pathways' tool, this is a useful resource for students you are working with to explore their career options. VIRTUAL INDUCTION - one for providers and employers The Institute of Student Employers ran a first class webinar this week on Virtual Induction. Two employers, Sky and HSBC along with ISE researchers and a virtual induction training specialist took part. It is well worth investing one hour of your time to hea


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