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Apprenticeship Applicant Support

Supportive links and some order to help potential apprentices research and apply!

Basically an apprenticeship means that you work for an employer, get paid and study simultaneously. The best of both worlds!

Finding your dream apprenticeship (possible long term career) is a journey in itself, it’s a research project prior to applying, the more research time you put in, the better direction you will have and the more chance of success.

And remember, most people change careers completely more than once in their lifetime, what you are choosing now doesn’t have to be forever, it could be, or you may want to change careers a little later. Don’t stress too much, if you do an apprenticeship you will have gained invaluable work skills, be employment proven and have qualifications.

We have put together an order for you to research some really helpful websites:

General Guide

Care leavers guide

    1. What are Apprenticeships - A basic guide - click on the icon to navigate to the site

    2. Explore some apprentices talking about what they do - click on the icons to navigate to the sites

    3. Who am I, what career/apprenticeship do I want - Why not try some career/personality quizzes - click on the icons

      4. Finding & applying for apprenticeships (including the process, top tips and timelines)


    5. Sites to search and apply for vacancies (Gov.UK most important, WTPN site all the weekly .GOV vacancies)

All the latest regional weekly vacancies in a spreadsheet

Lots of general & sector specific job sites (not necessarily apprenticeships but you can put apprenticeship in the search engines)

     6. You can explore progression pathways with this next site - move from any sector left to right

      7. Helpful parents resource to support your child - Many of the monthly packs have support sections for SEND and the disabled

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