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Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge for Schools & Colleges (ASK)

The Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge for Schools and Colleges programme (ASK) is funded by the National Apprenticeship Service, part of the Department for Education.


The programme is designed to give schools, colleges and other educational establishments across England free support to develop and transform how your students think about apprenticeships.

What that support looks like for you will depend on your establishment’s size, focus and requirements, but it could include an inspiring apprenticeship awareness assembly, apprenticeship application workshop, careers fair attendance, free resources, a teacher CPD session or a whole range of other options.

All options are available to be delivered in-person, online or virtually, depending on the needs of the school/college.

The WTPN is currently delivering support sessions to 55 schools and colleges in the West of England, if you would like support please get in touch using the form below.

We take your data very seriously and are committed to the privacy and security of it. Our privacy notice is hereWhere you provide personal data to us, it is essential that you have the right to give us that personal data, and to allow us to use it as anticipated by the arrangements between us.  This includes where the personal data that you are providing relates to people other than yourself.  We will rely on you to make sure that you do have those rights.  Both we and you will comply with our obligations under all relevant laws and rules on data protection and privacy.

Professor & Students

"Students were thoroughly engaged with the event and felt that it was better to have someone who wasn't from school telling them about their options. They also stated that they liked the level of engagement, particularly as they were able to have a face and a PowerPoint at the same time!"

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