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Our Team

The Western Training Provider Network Team

Alex Richards: Network and Programmes Director

Leon Fisher: West of England Apprenticeship Service (WEAS) - Apprenticeship Hub Manager

​​Donna Kenny: West of England Apprenticeship Candidate Growth Manager

Jane Yorke: Apprenticeship Development Manager

WTPN Directors

The Western Training Provider Network is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and is managed by a full time Operations Director and is overseen and supported by 7 unpaid, voluntary Directors that constitute the Board of Directors.

Simon Arnold: Chairman  – Partners in Bristol (part of City of Bristol College)

Claire ArberyDirector West of England Institute of Technology

Clare Vertigen: Managing Director South West Apprenticeship Company

Gavin Deane: Founder & CEO Educationwise

Marie Vickery: Business Development Director Lifetime Training

Phil Marsh: CEO S&B Automotive Academy

Simon Flenly: Assistant Director of Apprenticeships University of the West of England

Tony WebberDirector BCE Group

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