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Temple Quarter-recruit differently

A place based Apprenticeship eco system

Supporting businesses to hire and develop talent, linking opportunities to the local community

Are you an employer that wants to get involved with how you hire and develop your team or want to make a difference with unspent apprenticeship levy and create some positive impact for local people and the local economy?


 What we offer?

  • Experienced levy consultants and transfer managers

  • A tried and trusted, personalised impartial apprenticeship guidance and support service for small businesses

  • The largest network of apprenticeship training providers, colleges and universitities in the region

  • Links to the local community

All of our services are fully funded (free) to use, employers (whether gifting levy or embarking on hiring or developing staff) are always in charge of the decisions they make, we act as trusted guides and facilitators.

  • Our regional 'Share to Support' Scheme has already had over £2m of unspent levy pledged to it, we have shared over £1m to over 75 West of England smaller businesses, funding and creating over 200 new apprenticeship opportunities

  • Feedback from our SME support service is excellent

  • We deliver Apprenticeship workshops to 14,000 West of England students each year, stimulating the supply chain of talent to apply

Building on the WTPN's successful 'Share to Support' levy share scheme model, local employers will be supported in how to 'recruit differently' adress skills gaps and build a more resilient workforce through creating inspiring new apprenticeship opportunities. 

Project Aims

  • Support local employers in and around Temple Quarter and central Bristol that want to enhance their business capability by growing and developing their teams through the power of apprenticeships

  • Ensure that these businesses get free, imparital, expert support and advice to find the right apprenticeship solutions for their workforce and if desired, are supported in how to reach a more diverse and inclusive audience when looking for talent.

  • Utilise the offer of apprenticeship levy share to support small and medium sized employers (to fund any training costs if there are any) from generous corporate and civic gifting organisations

  • Ensure that the local community get sight of the opportunities and are encouraged to apply.

A partnership approach to building a place based eco-system involving the WTPN, the University of Bristol and other corporate, civic and community partners. Inspired by the University's Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus, itself designed to empower transformed relationships with businesses, communities and the city region.

To find out more or get involved please email:

£2,000,000 of levy pledged  for general Share to Support

£160,000 of levy pledged for Temple Quarter Share to Support to date

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