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West of England Mayoral Elections

On Thursday 4 May an historic election will be taking place for the first ever West of England Mayor. The new West of England Mayor will put into place almost £1billion pounds worth of funding provided by central Government over a 30-year period. It will give the West of England Combined Authority more power in decision-making, especially around investment in transport, housing and adult education across the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath and North East Somerset councils. You can read more about the West of England Mayor and what this means for you at Social Media Are you also able to tweet or retweet any you see from other organisations? Before 13th April To vote in the #WestofEngland Mayoral Election on 4 May you must be registered to vote. Register at Or up till May 4th Local control of >£1bn for #housing, #transport, #adulteducation. That’s £1 billion reasons to vote for #Mayor on 4 May #WEvote @WestofEnglandCA controls >£1bn former government funding & powers. That’s a lot of reasons to vote for Mayor on 4 May #WEvote

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