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WTPN sponsored Workshops with FE Associates

Do you want to benefit from some great opportunities for discounted workshops: The WTPN is offering .a range of workshops for you (or your staff) to take part in at discounted rates: Edd Brown and the team at FEA have now delivered a couple of taster sessions at the last two Network meetings and feedback has been brilliant so please encourage your teams to get involved. There are a range of workshop areas for you to choose from (some particularly relevant for Managers) if you want to get involved, we are hoping for 15 participants per workshop and will advertise outside the Network as well: Workshop suggestions

  • Writing SARs

  • Conducting observations / learning walks

  • Holding difficult conversations and undertaking appraisals

  • Undertaking work scrutiny

  • Analysing data and targeting interventions

  • Prevent in the curriculum

  • Development of English and maths

  • Self-assessment

  • Target setting

  • Various topics on teaching and learning e.g. stretch and challenge, differentiation, questioning techniques etc

  • Quality systems and processes

If you are interested in any of the above please contact me here, I'm going to set up a range of dates for the workshops but would like to know which would be most preferable for you all. The cost will work out at £50 per head.

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