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WTPN FORUMS Have you got those key members of your teams signed up and utilising our forums?

I am encouraging different user groups to use the forums to contact you, do you have the necessary staff using them, many of you have different entry points to your organisation. Here's who are already using them or who i have organised to meet and make aware of them for you....

  • Business West

  • Delyse Taylor's Bristol City Council NEET Working Group

  • National Careers Service (Next Week)

  • Bristol Post 16 6th Form Heads (for progression and students dropping out) meeting this week

  • WECA's Future Bright Employer Engagement teams and Career Coaches (when all are in post)

  • South Gloucs Council

i will be getting round to all 4 local authorities and other user groups so we can build a community that has direct access to ask you questions around your provision.....

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