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WTPN Newsletter April 2018

Afternoon all, hoping the weekend went well for you! A warm welcome is in order for 4 new members to the Network, really pleased to have you on board! Many of you would have met three of them at our last quarterly.... Innovate Awarding - A National Awarding body and EPAO have joined us- Charlotte Bosworth their MD came along to the meeting Ashley Housing - Himilo the training arm of this local Housing Association (new to the register of training providers) were represented by Julia Palmer Working Knowledge - Were represented by MD Dr James Lott - Working Knowledge run Apprenticeship Academy training programmes but also train staff at other providers and have a successful history of helping FE colleges around the country improve their Employer Engagement skills Finally, a warm welcome back to Yvonne Greenwood who left member NBT to join White Horse Training in Bath, a successful Accountancy training organisation that has been delivering Commercial and Apprenticeship training in the region for over 10 years, good to see you back Yvonne, and welcome to White Horse. All of our new members have expressed a desire to work with you all to make the most from the constant change that we are having to navigate, share best practice and learn together. Speaking of the last meeting, i just want to thank everyone who made it (especially the speakers), a great morning , well attended with over 50 of us present, the slides are on our resources page if you want to reflect on them. Since the meeting the Network have also put on an ESFA Audit training workshop that was very well attended (many thanks to Emily and S&B Automotive for helping to organise and host), feedback from members on the day has been brilliant. There are just 3 audit companies in the country that the ESFA use, and we were lucky enough to secure Karl Bentley from RSM, a popular National facilitator who audits many providers himself. Here's just a few comments from the day, if we are lucky enough to run another in the future please make sure you dont miss out!

  • Delivery style was excellent

  • Content was great – definitely at the right level of detail for me

  • Karl – having someone of Karl’s experience and standing in the industry doing the presentation provides confidence that the information is accurate and, knowing that he is likely to be involved in an audit of us as a provider, I was intrigued by his interpretations on certain rules and had a good discussion over lunch. An invaluable source of information.

'Yes, I thought it was an excellent workshop. The presentation of what could be really boring, was good, clearly & knowledgably presented, with a little light (and much needed) humour. Good: I definitely walked away with better understanding of what an auditor expects to see, clear action plan for us'......... Our next Summer WTPN Quarterly meeting is on Friday 22nd June, Engineers House, please contact me here to reserve your place..... Please read on for news, opportunities to collaborate, events and more...... Regards Alex Richards WTPN Ops Director

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