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Further Workshops on the Development of Apprenticeship Standards Via the ETF

As so many workshops on standards development are based in London or Birmingham as the closest venue's, i've spoken to AELP and arranged for workshops to be delivered locally if there is enough interest. Potential workshops can be: The Starting Delivery of Apprenticeship Standards (Sector Name) workshop covers: Objectives:

  • With the support of this one-day workshop you will be able to start to plan your delivery of specific apprenticeship standards.

  • The workshop will include tools and resources to support the development of a practical, robust implementation plan.


  • understand the difference between deliver of frameworks and standards

  • aid your decisions about how to implement the specific standards your organisation has selected to deliver

  • identify questions which need to be answered within your organisation by key stakeholders and leaders

  • understand how to develop a process for engaging frontline staff in specific standards

  • strengthen your offer for employers by understanding options and planning for delivery and improvement

  • better understand the on-programme preparation towards end-point assessment

  • understand what can be done in accordance with available information on new standards / assessment plans.

Audience: This workshop is aimed at curriculum managers and practitioners, quality leads and those with an influencing role within their organisations existing or planned apprenticeship delivery. The Accelerating Delivery of Apprenticeship Standards (Sector Name) workshop covers: Objectives:

  • moved on from simply understanding the reforms, to a position of starting preparations to deliver (or already deliver) apprenticeship standards

  • identified standards to deliver in the short-term

  • an idea of standards to deliver in the longer-term, including any areas for development and growth.


  • understand what 'good' apprenticeship delivery and on-programme assessment looks like

  • understand the implications of end-point assessment for on-programme delivery

  • review monitoring and tracking of progress in preparation for the "gateway"

  • consider quality improvement measures

  • understand the skills, knowledge and behaviours required of team members to accelerate high-quality delivery

  • enhance and prioritise your implementation plan, ready to start (or increase) delivery of particular apprenticeship standards

  • identify solutions to common challenges and barriers, in order to start (or increase) delivery

Audience: (1) Leading (or have an overview of) the apprenticeship delivery of sector specific standards in your team/organisation; (2) know 'the wiring' of your organisation - who leads different teams; how they can be brought together; (3) be able to cascade learning from the workshops and question planning and delivery decisions; and (4) be able to commit to both face-to-face workshops. As these workshops are usually delivered quite far away, i have managed to secure a price of £100 pp (including a WTPN discount) for the workshop. Again if you are interested, please email here with your request (including sector) and i will be able to gauge interest.

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