GDPR & Personal Data - Are you prepared for significant change!

Elizabeth Denham, the UK’s Information Commissioner, has flagged the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a significant future challenge for her office in the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) annual report. This announcement highlights the magnitude of the change programme but also highlights the need for education institutions to prepare for the impending rule changes now to help mitigate substantial financial and reputational risks arising from issues of non-compliance. The new legal framework is the biggest change to data privacy legislation in over two decades, and aims to protect EU citizens’ personal data, regardless of borders or where the data is pr

WTPN sponsored Workshops with FE Associates

Do you want to benefit from some great opportunities for discounted workshops: The WTPN is offering .a range of workshops for you (or your staff) to take part in at discounted rates: Edd Brown and the team at FEA have now delivered a couple of taster sessions at the last two Network meetings and feedback has been brilliant so please encourage your teams to get involved. There are a range of workshop areas for you to choose from (some particularly relevant for Managers) if you want to get involved, we are hoping for 15 participants per workshop and will advertise outside the Network as well: Workshop suggestions Writing SARs Conducting observations / learning walks Holding difficult co

Further Workshops on the Development of Apprenticeship Standards Via the ETF

As so many workshops on standards development are based in London or Birmingham as the closest venue's, i've spoken to AELP and arranged for workshops to be delivered locally if there is enough interest. Potential workshops can be: The Starting Delivery of Apprenticeship Standards (Sector Name) workshop covers: Objectives: With the support of this one-day workshop you will be able to start to plan your delivery of specific apprenticeship standards. The workshop will include tools and resources to support the development of a practical, robust implementation plan. Outcomes: understand the difference between deliver of frameworks and standards aid your decisions about how to implement the

New CPD self-assessment tool launched for potential end-point assessors for apprenticeship standards

As part of the Future Apprenticeships programme strand focusing on end-point assessment, we have developed a new free online tool. This will support potential end-point assessors to: self-assess against the skills, knowledge and experience needed by an end-point assessor identify your immediate and long-term CPD needs access support and resources to start your CPD journey We also have 3 large-scale events taking place in October, December and January for potential end-point assessors. The events will help you understand what makes a good end-point assessor and features workshop sessions on particular end-point assessment methods and practices. PS - if this is something you would like the N

Student Loans Company learning provider seminars Information

Registration is now open for the learning provider training events taking place in October/November 2017. These training events give an opportunity for providers to receive training on the learning provider portal with a specific focus on the administration of loans and the portal functionality. You can find more information and registration details on the Student Loans Company website.

Feedback on withdrawal of frameworks Information

There is one week left to give us your feedback on the 5th batch of frameworks, open until 6pm on Wednesday 18 October. We asked for feedback on the 4th batch of frameworks to be withdrawn earlier in the year and recently delayed the announcement of this process. We will announce the outcomes of both batches next year. The date for those we intend to withdraw to new starts will be no earlier than 1 January 2019. For further information, refer to the removal of apprenticeship frameworks page on GOV.UK or contact the service desk.

Adult Education Budget webinars Information

Slides are available for the bite-sized webinars we held during September which focused on the following areas: legal entitlement/local offer/eligibility traineeships English/maths/ESOL rates and funding approach We have also produced a narrated presentation on the 2017 to 18 Adult Education Budget funding rules. More ESFA updates here including 1. ILR R02 data collection for 2017 to 2018 2.2016 to 2017 ILR R14 period: closes 19 October 3. Funding reports guidance 4.Earnings adjustment statement 2017 to 2018: guidance published 5. Provider data self-assessment toolkit And here including 1. Individualised Learner Record (ILR) - R14 hard close 2. Qualification Achievement Rates (QAR) dataset

DfE ‘watching it closely’ as management becomes England’s second most popular apprenticeship subject

Management has soared in popularity to become the second most common apprenticeship framework, FE Week analysis can reveal. According to statistics released by the DfE, the management framework had 46,640 new starters in 2016/17, a figure which grows to 64,480 when counting standards. The data shows management has narrowly overtaken the business administration framework in popularity, while health and social care still reigns supreme with more than 85,000 new starters last year

How to encourage women to apply for apprenticeships in STEM

If you want to attract women into STEM careers, the words you use are important. When an engineering company advertised a higher apprenticeship – which included a paid-for degree at a good university – not a single woman applied. When the company spelled out that it also operated in the environmentally friendly renewable energy sector, the interest level among women applicants piqued. If companies change job descriptions – from technician to “customer service technician” or from plain engineer to “design engineer”, more women apply. “It sounds simplistic but women see themselves as creative or as ‘people’ people,” says Helen Wollaston, chief executive of WISE, which campaigns for gender bala

ITT for you from Ways 2 Work

South West Councils Co-ordination of ESOL provision to support refugee resettlement in the South West Invitation To Tender


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