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The Power of Share to Support: Stories from SMEs and Apprentices Part 3

In today’s fast paced job market, discovering new talent is essential for organisations to stay competitive. Implementing apprenticeships into a business is an effective strategy as not only do they provide individuals with valuable hands-on, relevant experience and training but also offer a fantastic opportunity for companies to widen their talent pool.

The Share to Support scheme has played a vital role in making these opportunities more accessible in the West of England by providing funding to support both apprentices and employers. We heard from John Nicholson, Service Director at AllWater Technologies Ltd about their experience bringing apprentices into the business:

“At AllWater we have noticed that over the years that there has been a shortage of qualified personnel to recruit from, the pool is ever decreasing. With the help of the Share to Support scheme it has allowed us to start addressing this and support us with training the next generation of water purification engineers. Something as a company we feel very passionate about. Having served an apprenticeship, been given that wonderful opportunity, it is privilege to be able to give back and support future skills in the west country”.

All Water Tech & Levy Gifters, Airbus at the Share to Support Celebratory Event

Sam Dewfall began his Level 3 Engineering apprenticeship in September 2022 and spoke to us about how becoming an apprentice at All Water has positively affected him, both in and out of the workplace:

“Firstly, I would like to explain how this scheme has helped me. It has opened the doors for a new career path. It has allowed me to further my ability at my workplace. My confidence has grown both socially and in my workplace.

The things I most enjoy are, working in the machine shop as it is practical and relevant to my job. Discovering the different angles of engineering. The machinery being current and up to date. My tutors and lecturers are very interactive and supportive.” 

Sam pictured at work

If you’re a large employer and want to make a real difference by transforming unspent levy into local opportunity, read more about the Share to Support Scheme HERE and get in touch with our Apprenticeship Development Manager, Jane Yorke.

If you’re a small or medium sized business in the West of England and are interested in accessing fully funded apprenticeships, get in touch –


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