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Qualifications will be allowed in Apprenticeships - from FE News

Strict rules that apprenticeships cannot involve qualifications are set to be overturned next week, FE Week understands, potentially unsticking a series of standards held up for years by the ban.

The Institute for Apprenticeships is expected to announce that qualifications, such as technical certificates that show evidence of knowledge, will be considered in the future.

Both existing qualifications and those in development will be covered in the rule change, representing a significant U-turn on previous guidance.

It’s part of the IfA’s promise to make its process and policies “faster and better”, announced in December after skills minister Anne Milton admitted that “some oil on the wheels” was needed.

The change – revealed exclusively to FE Week by a source close to the IfA – will be welcomed by many across the sector.

Current rules state that, except in “certain specific circumstances”, standards “should not incorporate qualifications”.

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