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First up two important WTPN events…. Meet the Provider Event is back.....

We have two important WTPN events coming up in September in the same week. First, on the 18th September we have our Annual ‘Meet the Provider’ event where the regions IAG’s and advisers, influencers of young people, come to meet the regions providers in a noisy Networking 3 hours. This will be the fourth time that we have run this joint event with Bristol City Council who once again have kindly donated the premises and put a lot of activity into making this work. Each year we get over 100 delegates (advisers) coming to meet you all, they are thirsty for knowledge and want to learn all about your provision. Post 16 courses, Study Programmes, Apprenticeships, short courses, traineeships, engagement programmes etc etc. The event will run from 3pm – 6.30/7pm and we are hoping once again for it to be very busy and noisy, so bring lots of material for them to take away and be prepared to talk about case study’s, anecdotal success stories, what your courses entail, progression possibilities, pay rates, travel bursaries etc Here’s the flyer which goes to the delegates If you would like to book a stand please email me here ASAP, it’s first come, first served and I do offer it to providers outside of the Network soon after I have offered it to yourselves. This is to ensure the crowd get a really diverse picture of available provision. It’s a Greater Bristol event, we do get delegates from each local authority area.

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