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Announcement: B&Q Pledge to Share to Support Scheme

We are delighted to announce that B&Q have pledged a proportion of their unspent apprenticeship levy to our Share to Support scheme! This generous levy pledge will help fund apprenticeship training for small and medium sized businesses in the West of England, many of whom wouldn’t be able to recruit apprentices or upskill their team without funding support.

Cat Willis, Apprenticeship Specialist at B&Q said:

“We’re really proud to be supporting the West of England Apprenticeship Service and giving people the opportunity to build their skills, knowledge and behaviours in order to support career journey.”

If you work for a large employer, your company may have unspent apprenticeship levy that will be transferred back to Treasury. However, your company has the power to make a real difference to small and medium sized businesses in the region and the local community by donating this surplus levy to be used locally on apprenticeship training costs.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks and months to find out what businesses B&Q have supported through their pledge!


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