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Share to Support Trial Pledge 💡

Are you a business with unspent apprenticeship levy or would you like to put your levy to better use? Then why not consider a trial with the Share To Support scheme? This is exactly what Airbus did!

After running a six-month trial supporting 7 businesses and creating 12 apprenticeships, Airbus have recently decided to commit to the scheme formally.

“Airbus ran a 6-month pilot before committing to go further with the Share to Support scheme. We can confidently say it has been a success and we are pleased with the uptake and ease of process. The process ran smoothly and we received applications from a wide range of organisations from Domestic Plumbing to social care. We have made the decision to continue to transfer funds because we see the value to the local community and we wish to see an increase in Apprenticeships nationally. We are delighted to continue to support local businesses to develop their employees and grow their organisations.” Louise Holmes and Helen Steele, Airbus.

By pledging your unspent levy, you have greater control and visibility over how this money is utilised. Instead of the funds being returned to the Treasury, we can transfer it to small and medium-sized businesses in the West of England to be used to cover apprenticeship training costs. You will have oversight and select the businesses that receive this support, allowing you to invest in SMEs that align with your companies specific priorities and objectives.

Even a trial pledge demonstrates your commitment to investing in the development of small businesses, providing them with opportunities for growth through skill acquisition, and ultimately contribution to the social and economic growth of the community, aligning with your organisations CSR & ESG goals.

If you want to learn more about a Share to Support trial pledge, please get in touch with Jane Yorke on


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