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The Power of Share to Support: Stories from SMEs and Apprentices

It’s been just over a week since our Share to Support Celebratory Event! 🙌

A real highlight of the evening was the real-life stories shared by SMEs and apprentices alike. These stories showcased the incredible growth and development that apprenticeships have brought to these businesses, made possible by generous levy gifts from large employers. Equally inspiring were the life-changing experiences shared by the apprentices themselves, highlighting the positive impact of earning while learning 🚀

On the night we heard from Rosa Domingos, a Level 3 Plumbing and Heating apprentice at BPM Contracting Services Ltd. who spoke about her apprenticeship journey:

“I changed my career as a phlebotomist/nursing assistant (taking care of people and personal care for 15 years with the NHS) to re-train as a plumber for its practicality, as well as something to challenge me physically and mentally. I chose to go to college full-time and worked part-time in order to meet my financial commitments. 

When I was new to the job, I learned to love everything I worked on, which helped me understand plumbing better. For me, I learn things slowly but steadily. Plumbing requires lots of reading and problem solving, which comes through both practical and theoretical knowledge. I would advise anyone who is thinking of doing an apprenticeship to go for it.

Learn to love what you do and be as open-minded as possible, despite the obstacles that may come in the way. Enjoy the journey because this is a process, not a race.

For an apprenticeship, you'll need determination and willingness to learn, as well as a 'can do' attitude. You need to put in hard work to achieve your goals but don't forget to ask for help when you need it!”

Managing Director at BPM, Chris Kille said:

“As a company we invest heavily in Apprenticeships to produce the workforce that's needed for the future. The Share to Support service has been a massive help to us in covering some of the costs that are incurred when employing a 'non-standard apprentice' (not falling in the traditional 16 to 19 age bracket). There is a requirement for SMEs to pay 5% of the costs of that apprentice. WTPN have supported us in financing this cost for a number of apprentices which has created opportunities for apprentices that would otherwise not have had them. We are massively grateful to WTPN for their support.”

If you’re a large employer, get in touch to find out how you can make a difference by transforming unspent levy into local opportunity 👉

Levy kindly gifted to BPM by Bath & North East Somerset Council and University of Bath 🌱


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