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Proud to Care South Gloucestershire

South Gloucestershire have joined authorities across the South West in supporting a new campaign that raises the profile of care, and the positive role of care workers, in a drive to inspire more people to consider a rewarding career in care.

The campaign focuses on the positive role of care workers, and is designed to support care providers across the region, as they can experience difficulties in recruiting. This can in turn affect the availability of care to people who could be living independently at home, or in care homes.

16 local authorities across the South West, and Health Education England, are supporting the campaign, establishing for the first time a regional approach to raising the profile of care. The campaign website features interviews with care and support workers, and links to recruitment opportunities. The campaign also features first-hand personal accounts from real care and support workers, who talk passionately about their love for care work

. Cabinet Member for Adult Care Cllr Ben Stokes said: “This campaign hopes to inspire more people into a rewarding career of care work. It aims to help create career pathways in care and health to attract, retain and develop high quality people into the sector.

“We recognise the value and commitment of our carers and care workers, and it’s important that they are recognised for the contribution they make to society.”

The campaign wants to reach all potential care workers, but is specifically targeting key audiences including younger people and those who have studied for a health and social care qualification; parents considering a return to work; people aged 50 plus who, with more life experience might want to give something back to their community; and students seeking employment over holiday periods.

For more information about Proud to Care South Gloucestershire visit or contact Rachel Prior from South Glos Councils resourcing team at

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